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Anne 'Kip' Watson, MA, LPC, Certified Personal Trainer, MBTI Certified

Anne 'Kip' Watson, MA, LPC, Certified Personal Trainer, MBTI CertifiedFor over 15 years, as a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Trainer and Professional Athlete, Kip has assisted individuals, families, coaches, and athletes from the grade school level to the NFL to maximize their mental and physical potential. Noted for a gentle yet challenging style of communication, she provides an environment focused on true change. Her clients have gone from giving up on life and dreams to achieving more than they thought possible. She holds herself in that camp as well. In her 40's, she fulfilled a dream of becoming a professional athlete playing women's professional tackle football for the 4-time World Champion Dallas Diamonds. She earned her World Championship ring in 2008 playing safety and special teams for the Diamonds.

Growing up as a competitive gymnast, Kip was a part of two State of Ohio team championships, holds two state vaulting titles, and regional honors as a part of Universal Gymnasts, Inc. She was inducted into the UGI Hall of Fame in 1978. Through her company NeuroSport, she uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and neuroscience to work with athletes, agents, coaches, and parents to customize training and preparation. No aspect of the athletes training goes untouched. Working in collaboration with the team around each athlete, she assists the facilitation of addressing issues of strengths and obstacles, goal setting, facing adversity, dealing with pressure, key factors in motivation, and career coaching. She holds a Master's degree from Dallas Theological Seminary in Biblical Counseling and is currently sitting for her second Master's in Sports Psychology at Argosy University. She received her undergraduate from Texas Tech University. She writes for The Examiner and contributes and blogs for the Dallas Morning News on football, fitness and health. She is a highly regarded speaker on such issues as physical and mental performance, fitness, obesity, eating disorders, and living a healthy lifestyle. Recently, she was named to the City of Frisco, Texas Fitness & Health Initiative Committee, Be Fit Frisco.

She has two children, 12 and 10. In her spare time, she coaches pee wee football and volunteers at her kid's school teaching Bible and journalism.

Kip can be reached at 972-380-1842 or